Last week of October the Onlus (NGO) Vice-President Pierluigi Rizzotto and his wife Valeria spent four days at the orphanage with the children. The trip was full of emotions, in particular during the day of Diwali (festival of lights). The kids played together and enjoyed small fireworks. They told us their stories and their small desires in Tamil, a widespread dialect in the south of India. Mr Gangadharan and Mr. Magudaphati helped translating this dialect into english. We shared the lunch made with rice, vegetables and local spices. The next day Mr. Magudaphati organized a trip to a private botanical garden just outside the village. There the children played with us and they enjoyed the day out. When we told them that they will have a proper bed soon and a proper place to play outside , their smiles and happiness were invaluable. To help the family in the management of children and to learn basic concepts such as personal hygiene, we decide to seek help from a professional social worker. Mrs. Roseline, previously head of an orphanage and coordinator for the vaccination program in rural areas of this region, accepted the task. She will visit the children three times per week, sending us detailed reports. The construction works are ongoing. Now the roof covers half of the building. We are waiting to receive a detailed estimate from two different construction companies. A fence around the property will be laid soon.