Lisiera di Bolzano Vic (VI)

Bolzano Vicentino Pro Loco in collaboration with Radio Oreb and with the patronage of the Province of Vicenza and the Municipality of Bolzano Vicentino, organized a lyric concert "A voice for all" held in the Church of Lisiera (VI). "We will not forget it easily", said Mario Martin, journalist, in the columns of the Giornale di Vicenza. In fact, the voices of the teacher Teresa Perdoncin Ceron, those of her talented students, the tenor Antonello Ceron and the Spanish baritone Daniel Louis Vicente shivered the numerous spectators creating the sensations of a real opera. During the evening, 2,200 euros were collected entirely donated to "Anna4children" Onlus Organization. Congratulations to the organizers and thanks.