You can support the children of the Anna Rizzotto orphanage in the following ways:

  • Con una donazione al conto corrente intestato a Anna4children Onlus presso Intesa San Paolo, Agenzia di Milano, Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10 IBAN: IT79X0306909606100000018423 BIC: BCITITMM
  • With a donation to the paypal account registered to Anna4children Onlus through this direct linkPlease, note in this case Paypal always keeps commissions for every transaction.
  • By participating in the upcoming events (exhibitions, concerts, dinners) to be organized in various regions around Italy and worldwide (Italy, United Arab Emirates, Australia) by the orphanages ¬†founders and members.
  • By spreading the news about our orphanage, this web-site and the related fundraisers.
  • By organizing and sponsoring an event in your home town or local area and donating the funds raised to this Onlus.
  • Organizing and hosting an event in your home or in your city and donating the amount collected to this non-profit organization.

Vi preghiamo di volervi registrare al fine di permetterci di potervi inviare¬†, oltre alla ricevuta per il versamento effettuato, anche la newsletter con cui forniremo gli aggiornamenti sulla costruzione dell’ edificio prima e sui bambini poi.

Donation Form

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Here you can eventually download the Modulo in formato PDF for your registration with the indications for the tax benefits provided.