The area where we are building the new orphanage Anna Rizzotto is in the countryside. It is located in the outskirts of a village about 60 km northeast of Salem in the Tamil Nadu region in southern India. The site is close to a river bed. Not far away, about 2-3 km, a steep hill begins to rise to about 200-250 meters in height. In the rear of the property, the vegetation is very lush with coconut trees and banana plantations.

The rectangular shape plot can be estimated to be approximately 1600-1700mq. Next to the property there are other lots, some of which have been sold already. In one of these lots, a "secondary school project is visible on a construction board. The road that connects the property to the village is made of clay.

From the photos you can see a small house-shed where working tools and some materials are kept. There, a black marble plaque have been displayed with Anna's photo, the names of her parents, Giulio and Mr. Gangadharan names to celebrate the official start up of the construction (November 2010).

In November 2010, when this simple ceremony was held, the initial excavations had already started and they were visible along the entire perimeter of the building.

In some places the bases (deep three meters) of the first supporting columns had already been laid. The works are carried out without the use of operating machines, but using only manual work with shovels and picks.

In the north-west part of the site, another smaller excavation has started to place the septic tanks.