The thrill of personally meeting the girls was great ... Recently returned from India. Fantastic little girls. Exceptional Salesians. Nice, spacious, clean and efficient orphanage. Sister Lilly very caring and always on the move takes care of the girls with affection and the right determination. Enthusiasm to the stars !! I spent only three days with the 18 new young guests of the structure that we all built together, but I was enough to want to return as soon as possible. Giulio reached me on the second day. The orphanage works, the girls are fine. They all have very difficult, if not tragic, stories behind them, but they finally have a safe place to be protected and followed. They are very polite and respectful girls, strong and full of desire to live. Intrigued by our presence, they were competing to stand next to us, shake hands and obviously be photographed. We were happily impressed by the attentions and affection that all indiscriminately had for the smallest, 7-year-old Karthika, and for how they obeyed Sister Lilly. It is evident their instinctive awareness of needing that place and that mechanism that keeps them away from the problems and abandonment they have experienced. Other girls will arrive by the end of June until they reach, for the moment, the number of 34 guests. In October we return!