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Le Suore di Anna4Children a Schio

Suor Lucia e Cecilia sono venute a trovarci a Schio dall’India. Che bella sorpresa. Grande accoglienza dal Gruppo Anna4children a base di pizza e abbracci. 🤗👏🤗 Sister Lucy and Cecilia arrived for surprise visit in Schio, Vicenza all the way from India. Anna4children warmly hosted them with pizza and hugs....

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Il nostro ultimo viaggio in Orfanotrofio

Marta e Giulio sono arrivati ieri nel Tamil Nadu. 😊Sono stati accolti con grande festa dalle bambine, ragazze e suore Salesiane ospiti dell’orfanotrofio Anna4children. 🤗 Canti, balli e tanti abbracci festeggiando assieme la festività Indiana della luce (Diwali)💥 che ha il sopravvento sul male e l’oscurità. Marta and Giulio arrived in Tamil Nadu yesterday. 😊 They were greeted with great happiness by the girls and Salesian sisters, Anna4children orphanage guests 🤗 Songs, dances and many hugs were part of the Diwali holiday, the Indian festival of lights that wins over darkness and...

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Ottobre 2018 – Un appuntamento irrinunciabile

Con Stefania siamo tornate da pochi giorni dall’India. E’ da anni che questa cara amica ci aiuta a raccogliere fondi e ad organizzare eventi e questa volta ha deciso di partire per conoscere le bambine di persona. È stato come sempre un viaggio-avventura intenso e gratificante. Spesso mi trovo a pensare che sia più quello che questo progetto da’ a noi che viceversa. Quanti baci e abbracci abbiamo ricevuto !! Quanti giochi e balli e canti abbiamo fatto !! Una cosa è certa : quando si va all’orfanotrofio non ci si annoia… Sembra procedere tutto molto bene. Le suore...

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October 2017 - Here they are again ...!!! 

We arrived from Bangalore to the orphanage after sunset. Anna4children's 25 girls were eagerly waiting for us. They welcomed us with so much warmth and joy. The 4 days together were filled with intense emotions and surprises. Some maintenance works were organised to make their "new home" more liveable. We made a daily trip to Yercaud, a mountain village about an hour from Salem. A special thank you to Fr Maran and Fr Albert of the Salesians, our coordinators Suor Lily, Vani and Jacqueline for their welcome and hospitality. An even bigger one for your support and to make this ....

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May 2017 - A beautiful journey!

The thrill of personally meeting the girls was great ... Recently returned from India. Fantastic little girls. Exceptional Salesians. Nice, spacious, clean and efficient orphanage. Sister Lilly very caring and always on the move takes care of the girls with affection and the right determination. Enthusiasm to the stars !! I spent only three days with the 18 new young guests of the structure that we all built together, but I was enough to want to return as soon as possible. Giulio reached me on the second day. The orphanage works, the girls are fine. They all have very difficult, if not tragic, stories behind them, but they finally have a safe place ...

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June 2016 - Annual report and Tailoring classes

Greetings and warm wishes from Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Salem. Happy to contact you again through this mail. Hope that every body is keeping well with good health. Here we Salesians, staff both at Anbu Illam and Anna 4 children - Pethanaicanpalayam and children are fine. Our children have com back after their summer vacation and going to school regularly. regarding studies they are doing fairly well. At Pethanaicanpalayam the evening study centers and tailoring are going on well. regarding the building approval we have taken enormous efforts and several steps to get the approval but each time it gets delayed due to some reasons ...

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December 2015 - Christmas greetings from Andivaram orphanage children and the Salesian community

Dear all, please find below the email received  from the Salesians community with their Christmas greetings. From Anna4children as well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families. "Dear Anna4children, Greetings from Fr. Amal, Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Salem - India. Glad to contact you through this mail. Here we are fine. Children are doing good. Last month due to heavy rain and flood most parts of Tamil Nadu was affected very much and fortunately nothing had happened to Salem. But the Government had postponed the half yearly exam to ...

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November 2015 - Diwali among Andivaram children

A few days ago India celebrated Diwali: the victory of lights over darkness, good over evil. Andivaram children, supported by Anna4children, played games together and lighted up small fireworks. The Salesians sent us these photos of the event. The children are doing well and they continue their studies in local schools. Giulio will visit them next December and after his return we will post further

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December 2014 - Anna4children helps 30 Don Bosco Salesian children in Andivaram

Our building is completed. Some documents for the certification of the building as an orphanage (Certificate of Stability 'and living') are still pending. The Salesians have asked us to help them financially to support one of their orphanages in the Salem area. At about 10 km from Salem there is Adivaram, a small village at the foothills of Yercaud. 30 children aged 5 to 10 years old age are hosted there. Most of them are orphans or with a single parent who needs financial help. Some have been abandoned or were exploited and begging in the city. Under Father Dominic custody ...

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November 2014 - Tailoring course

The building is finished. The stand-by electric generator is installed. The Don Bosco Salesians are managing the building and the activities. Some technical documents to certify the building as an orphanage (Stability Certificate) are still pending. For this reason the Salesians are holding a tailoring course for about 50 girls and women of the Pethanaichen village and nearby areas. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mrs. Sarathi, local councilor for social policies, Father Amal, Salem Salesians Director and Mr Joseph, course coordinator. Mr ...

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January 2014 - Building update

The bathrooms and the internal staircase are completed. The bunk beds and shelves are assembled. On the roof the "dummy columns" are finished and available to sustain a small pergola. We're waiting for the offficial permit of use and occupancy in order to use the building as an "orphanage". Without this document, the children will not be able to relocate. In the meantime we dug an artesian well inside the property to collect drinking water.We are buying a small electric generator that will be used temporarly and to cover the constant power outages...

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Septembrer 2013 - Building Update

The finishing and the painting of the outer and inner walls of the building is completed. The tiles were laid in the girls and boys bathrooms. The windows and doors installation is completed as well. The locksmiths are working on the bunk beds, benches and tables. Part of the municipal permits have arrived and the electricity connection is under way ...

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